The holiday region in the Saxon Elbland

Wonderful excursions are available for vacationers in the region around our caravan park.

Sights in the surrounding area are the world-famous cultural and state capital Dresden, Meißen – the cradle of Saxony – where the porcelain was invented, the Saxon wine route, Moritzburg Castle, the Karl May city of Radebeul, Pillnitz with the pleasure palace August the Strong , Saxon Switzerland and the Elbe Sandstone Mountains with the Bastei and the rock stage Rathen. You can easily reach all these sights either on foot, by bike, car, train or by ship on a romantic steamboat trip up or down the Elbe.

We would be happy to advise you at the reception about the numerous sights in the region and have enough information ready for you.

Attractions in the district:

Porcelain and wine town of Meißen

Down the Elbe from Dresden there is a picturesque location on the Elbe, the cradle of Saxony – the city of Meißen. The Meißner Albrechtsburg is considered the most important late Gothic secular building and the oldest castle in Germany. The Meißner Dom is one of the most valuable religious monuments of the Middle Ages in Saxony. The porcelain bell game at the Frauenkirche in Meissen is the first playable porcelain bell game in the world, created from the “white gold”.


The place looks back on over 700 years of history, which was largely dominated by the Wettin dynasty. The Elector of Saxony built here a hunting lodge, which has been extended over the years . At the heart of Moritzburg is the Moritzburg Castle which lies on an island at impressive size and with sumptuous decorations. The Pheasant Castle and the small lighthouse show the playful and sumptuous feasts, which were celebrated from the Saxon aristocracy. Horse breeding has a long tradition in Moritzburg Since 1928 directed by the State Stud the annual stallion parade in September.


The town of Radebeul is located in the upper Elbe valley immediately adjacent to the provincial capital Dresden, nestled among the vineyards Lößnitz and the river Elbe. The city is the heart of the Saxon Wine Route with over 800 years of wine-making tradition. Many celebrities, such as the writer Karl May and naturopath Friedrich Eduard Bilz lived in the past in Radebeul.

Sights along the Elbe:

Bad Schandau

  • Kirnitzschtalbahn tram
  • Museum of the city Bad Schandau
  • Elbe promenade
  • spa gardens
  • Sendig Fountain
  • St. John’s Church

The Elbe Sandstone Mountains / Saxon Switzerland




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